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(801) 980-9775

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Did you know?

We are the most experienced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Center in Utah. 

Dr. Andrew has 18+ years of experience in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and is one of the initial 3 doctors in the state of Utah who began pellet implantation.

What Is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical (also known as Bioequivalent) hormone pellets contain either estradiol or testosterone and are inserted under the skin in the abdomen or the upper buttocks under local anesthesia.

This type of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is one of the most effective & natural forms of hormone replacement available. Bio-identical hormones are derived from plant sources such as soy, & are compounded to be biologically equivalent to human estradiol & testosterone. 

"Hormone Therapy has done wonders for me. I first heard about Dr Andrew through a friend who has had great experiences with HRT as well. I thought feeling yucky was just a way of life. However, since my treatments of HRT, feelings of depression, anxiety and fatigue have all been helped tremendously. I can always tell when my pellets run out because of the drastic difference it makes. I am a true believer in HRT."

Angela Cochran

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